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Analytics today is based on standard servers with some GPUs or TPUs thrown in for parallel processing that is required for neural network workloads. Cachengo has taken a different approach with purpose-built hardware and software that is designed to optimize neural nets and convolutional neural networks with massive parallelism, low power drain, high performance and tight security at a reasonable price.

In particular, the workflows that we are focused on are local Computer Vision based. By local, we mean that you don’t need a cloud or a data center to process your analytic workloads. You need a Cachengo.

The technology underpinnings for our approach rest on a management system that is designed for massive highly-parallel processing typical of analytic workloads with dedicated CPU, GPU/TPU, networking, and flash storage for each node, which we call a Symbiote. Cachengo management also provides the ability to easily introduce new applications, either from us, our customers or our partners through the Cachengo Market. This system give our customers the power to truly execute analytics at the source of the data with low latency for optimized edge AI.

We invite you to download our white paper to learn more about Cachengo technology.

Cachengo Portal – Cloud-based management tool for easy drag and drop management

Cachengo Market – Portfolio of applications

Cachengo Connect – Highly secure peer-to-peer Network SD-WAN perfect for Convolutional Neural Network jobs

Bento - up to 8 Symbiotes
Pizza - 32 Symbiotes

Symbiote includes CPU, GPU/TPU, Flash, and networking in a 2.5″ form factor

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