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Cachengo Named Top ML Company of 2022

Cachengo Named Top ML Company of 2022!

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We started last year with an incredible cover story feature on CIO Review which you can read here. That momentum has taken us all the way to 2022, where Cachengo has been named the Top Machine Learning Solutions Provider by CIO Applications magazine. This is yet another amazing milestone for our team based in Tennessee. In the latest cover story feature, Co-Founder and CEO Ash Young goes in-depth on how… Read More »Cachengo Named Top ML Company of 2022!

5 Reasons You Need Edge AI

5 Reasons You Need Edge AI

Contrary to popular belief, data analytics is no longer only meant to take place in only the cloud or data center environments. Businesses of today are processing massive amounts of data closer to the edge of the network more than ever before. This transformation will lead to a new era of improving analytics, allowing for faster decision making and lower CAPEX/OPEX by a wide margin. Here are five reasons to… Read More »5 Reasons You Need Edge AI

Object Classification (Video Demo)

Object Classification (Video Demo)

Watch the video: One of the most powerful uses of edge AI is Computer Vision. Cachengo has greatly simplified the Computer Vision process with the Cachengo Portal. This management tool takes individual Symbiote nodes and creates a peer group to analyze images or video files. The peer group forms a service mesh without proxies for high security and high performance. It’s easy to add resources to fit the size of… Read More »Object Classification (Video Demo)

Press Release - Cachengo Announces Edge AI Solution for Local Computer Vision

Press Release: Cachengo Announces Edge AI Solution for Local Computer Vision

An Alternative to Cloud and Data Center Analytics Today is the big day! We are excited to announce that our Edge AI solution for local Computer Vision is here. This purpose-built environment for Computer Vision analytics provides the right combination of security, scale, economics and performance. Cachengo Edge AI is available now with pricing starting at $1/day/node! You can read the entire press release here.