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Cachengo provides an Edge AI System designed for taking advantage of data outside the data center to deliver improved operations, deeper insights and a more responsive capability. No longer do you need to send data back to the data center for processing, with Cachengo’s Edge AI Systems you have the tools to process data at the source.

Instead of buying commodity hardware and some software to try and create an edge analytics environment we suggest a different approach. Get an edge system that is designed from the ground up to deliver the function and tools necessary to be successful with analytics outside the data center. Our four-layer architecture creates the environment that is designed to be effective and efficient. Our experience in demanding environments means you don’t need to try to figure it all out. You can focus on the applications while we take care of the infrastructure.

Our modular storage and compute clusters can be deployed anywhere.


Bento Set-Top Box

  • Holds up to 8 Symbiotes

  • About the size of a book

  • Sled can be stand-alone solution for small form-factor deployments

With everyone else, it’s “Data Center vs. the Edge”. Bento has all of the capabilities and computing power of a data center, but specifically designed for Edge deployment.

Space constraints and tight power budgets might be an issue for others, but not with Bento. Bento is an actual 8-node high-performance compute and storage cluster in a compact form-factor.

You can manage and deploy workloads on Bento just like you would expect from other Cloud-based offerings. But with Bento, you don’t have to move the data.

Pizza 1U Rack Form Factor

  • Holds 32 Symbiotes

  • Ultra low power: Motherboards ≤10W vs. >65W for traditional solution

  • Can tolerate component failures without killing off a service

Build Your Own Cloud

We’re not saying Cloud is bad. We’re simply saying that you have options. Rather than choose a centralized solution with a 3rd party, you can build a massive cloud of your own, right where the action is happening.

Bento and Pizza allow you to massively scale your storage and analytic needs as your business grows. You don’t have to worry about how to connect everything up or be networking geniuses. Our built-in tools do all of that for you with a single click of the mouse.

You have options. It’s about time you start exercising them.

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