Our Story

The inspiration for Cachengo started with our visionary CEO and Founder, Ash Young, who has spent the last 30+ years pioneering new technology in the storage industry.

The storage architecture and software stack that is commonplace today was his idea over 20 years ago, back when most people had never even heard of Linux or open source. As the status quo inevitably shifted the time finally seemed right to make a change.

The early storage solutions were expensive, large and consisted of multiple rack-mountable parts. Ash realized this and felt things could become more mainstream if the appliances were all-in-one, utilized a more open-source approach to the OS, and could leverage commodity components.

This quickly became the recipe for modern Enterprise and Cloud-based storage systems. The current practice of always throwing the latest and greatest CPU into each storage appliance, then increasing the number of appliances in the cluster has failed to reduce either CAPEX or OPEX.

Many would argue this methodology hasn’t impacted latency or performance in a meaningful way. This was the turning point where we decided to focus our attention.

What we did was relatively simple, but it was so obvious that no one else really bothered to do it. Just as the economic climate for components had shifted 20 years earlier, this same climate now allowed us to migrate from a single CPU complex to placing a CPU onto each drive.

By doing this we realized that not only could we reduce latencies and increase performance, but also significantly reduce both CAPEX and OPEX along the way. When we say “significantly”we mean by an order of 10. This breakthrough discovery was simply too important to ignore.

Listening to our instincts, we began assembling prototypes and giving demonstrations of our new solution at events such as Mobile World Congress (MWC) and at Open Networking Summit (ONS) in early 2018. No one who attended really expected to get excited about the future of storage… but all of that quickly changed.

Cachengo edge stoarage

Our Mission

We set out to provide the best performing and easiest to deploy storage systems to meet the increased global demands for Edge Computing, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) by replacing the over-use of single, large CPUs with several smaller ones, embedded onto each drive to perform localized computing where the data actually sits.

Our Vision

We set forth on a path to dramatically alter the status quo computing paradigm that relies heavily on migrating data from disk, to CPU, back to disk – to one where the computing is truly distributed and is driven to each drive. This results in a dramatic reduction in data center footprint and greenhouse gases in the environment.

Our Headquarters

While many in our company began their careers in Silicon Valley, we wanted a location that would allow us to easily bring manufacturing back to the United States. After much soul-searching we decided to plant our roots in West Tennessee, which we now proudly call our home.

It is for this reason we made the conscious decision to have final assembly, testing and QA all based in our facilities located in the heart of Tennessee. We felt strongly that we could bring trust and confidence back to the manufacturing of computing equipment, while also creating new jobs at higher wages to a part of the country who might better appreciate it.