Join Us at the 1st Cachengo Virtual Job Fair

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Join Us at the 1st Cachengo Virtual Job Fair

Calling all UT Martin students and alumni!

We are looking for a few talented engineers and interns to join the Cachengo team!

To keep things safely socially distanced, we will be hosting a virtual job fair which will be taking place entirely on Handshake on Thursday, September 24th from 10am-4pm CDT.

Time slots at the event are limited so we strongly encourage you to reserve yours ASAP.

Why Cachengo?

We believe that today’s storage architecture is due for a much-needed update.

The dramatic rise in data-intensive applications like analytics and content distribution has been managed with increased separation between storage and computation in traditional server set-ups.

This architecture is inefficient when you think about the data center, but becomes completely impractical if you want to deploy data heavy applications at the edge.

At Cachengo, our “smart storage” is quickly turning the storage industry upside-down. As a result, we are looking for the best and brightest to help us push forward AI, Machine Learning, and 5G technology in under-served rural areas across the country!

What is Cachengo?

Hardware Company

Our mission at Cachengo is to design and manufacture a new class of storage.

We call them “smart drives” because we infuse them with a big boost of computational power so that each drive becomes a stand-alone computational platform and server.

There is no notion of a centralized CPU to become a bottleneck or to act as an arbiter slowing things down.

Each drive is therefore individually addressable over the network and can simultaneously act as an object storage device, content distributor and even Spark worker.

This stands in stark contrast with conventional network storage architecture, which is more than two decades old and still treats the entire multi-drive system as the OSD.

Software Company

New hardware architecture opens up the doors for completely new software opportunities.

How do you think the CDN industry would change if both equipment costs and operating costs dropped by more than 50% and each drive was a full-fledged server?

How would AI analytics change if your edge node could process data before sending it to your central analytics database?

The opportunities are endless and we are already working on some of the most exciting solutions that haven’t been done before.

System Integrator

A particular challenge with making such a big shift in server architecture is that in order to be successful, we must make the transition seamless to our customers.

For this reason we have created the Cachengo portal where drives can be quickly and easily configured via drag & drop through our Collective portal.

Simply select an application or service from the catalog and drag its icon onto the node(s) you wish to provision.

This presents a unique opportunity to work on a very broad range of high impact projects ranging from automatic provisioning of Spark or Kubernetes clusters to drag & drop deployment AT&T’s network control stack.

Who we are looking for

Scientist ➜ You love learning but are not afraid to experiment and change the status-quo. We are redefining the rules and you are up for the challenge.

Engineer ➜ Once an idea is set, you have no problem going out and building a product that simply works. You always keep scaling in mind.

Artist ➜ You dream of beautiful user experiences.

Empathy ➜ You build and design products while in your customer’s shoes. The product is not what you want it to be but what they need it to be.

Teacher ➜ You love passing on your knowledge. As a very early engineer, you will be guiding younger engineers as they join our team.

Hungry ➜ We are on a quest to take over the $30B cloud storage industry. We are hungry, so are you.

Who is a good candidate

We are hiring candidates for both junior and senior positions with the following traits:

A strong technical leader who is looking to be an early engineer in an up and coming startup.

Someone who wants to code but is also ready to guide younger engineers.

Expertise in either building scalable web services with modern technologies, DevOps, networking/security/OS hardening, or customizing the Linux kernel.

Eagerness to grow in the other areas.

Previous experience committing to Open Source is preferred.

What we currently work with

Languages: Python (Flask), JavaScript (React), Go, Bash

Tools: Docker, Nginx, VerneMQ, KVM

Solutions: Kubernetes, Hadoop, Spark

Open Source Projects:

Specifically, we have an immediate need for the following engineering role:

Linux System Engineer

  • Linux command line proficiency
  • Bash or similar shell scripting knowledge
  • Other scripting such as javascript, or programming language proficiency a plus
  • System knowledge and ability to install and configure operating systems and other 3rd party software also required
  • Filled positions will have opportunity for further advancements as software engineers and architects as proficiency, skills, and knowledge are demonstrated