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Cachengo® Powers NJ Transit Innovation Train

Recently, the New Jersey Transit Innovation Team was named the overall winner of the annual IDC Best in Future of Digital Innovation Award.

Both Bento™ and Pizza™ are powering the NJ Transit Innovation Train proof of concept. Here are some of the ways our products and technologies are being leveraged:

  • Edge Computing for real-time video access & analytics (3a and 3b) 
  • Broadband mesh private network (Detection of 1 and monitoring of status)
  • Public/Private Wi-Fi (Content filtering on 4)
  • Automated Passenger Counter (Collection of sensor data for 5) 
  • Micro Positioning/Wayfinding (Collection of GPS and other position data for 6)
  • Integration of train video data with existing Asset & Yard Management and Surveillance
  • Correlation of video, passenger positioning, and sensor fusion
  • Real-time weapon detection AI