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Cachengo Powers NJ Transit Innovation Train

Recently, the New Jersey Transit Innovation Team was named the overall winner of the annual IDC Best in Future of Digital Innovation Award.

Both Bento and Pizza are powering the NJ Transit Innovation Train proof of concept. Here are some of the ways our products and technologies are being leveraged:

  • Edge Computing for real-time video access & analytics (3a and 3b) 
  • Broadband mesh private network (Detection of 1 and monitoring of status)
  • Public/Private Wi-Fi (Content filtering on 4)
  • Automated Passenger Counter (Collection of sensor data for 5) 
  • Micro Positioning/Wayfinding (Collection of GPS and other position data for 6)
  • Integration of train video data with existing Asset & Yard Management and Surveillance
  • Correlation of video, passenger positioning, and sensor fusion
  • Real-time weapon detection AI

You can find more information about how our technology works when it comes to transportation here.