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Cachengo® on the Cover of CIO Review

Cachengo on the Cover of CIO Review

Cachengo® has not only been featured on the cover of the newest issue of CIO Review, but it has also won the Top AI Solutions Provider 2023 award.

The article discusses how Cachengo® uses AI-powered weapon detection technology to identify threats in places such as schools. The ability to process the data at the edge allows allows this technology to alert law enforcement, first responders, and security personnel about potential threats in real-time, resulting in faster response times.

One of the biggest challenges when running AI-powered systems at the edge is latency. Cachengo’s Edge AI System eliminates latency issues by distributing computing power to each drive instead of relying on data migration between disks, CPUs, and the cloud. By enabling data analytics at the edge, the system results in faster insights and real-time notifications.

“Processing data at the edge and transferring only small packets of relevant data to the cloud using Cachengo’s systems allows clients to save significant costs while transmitting data”
– Cachengo® CEO, Ash Young

The small orange set-top box featured on the cover is Cachengo’s flagship product, the Bento™ Box. Bento™ is about the size of a book and can be held in one hand. It’s is easy to deploy. Clients can unbox Bento™, plug it in, switch it on, and start working.

The article also goes into detail on how the technology solved efficiency issues for New Jersey Transit.

Potential merger and acquisition partnerships are a possibility in the near future for Cachengo®.

You can read the full article here.