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Cachengo® on the Cover of Acquisition International

Cachengo on the Cover of Acquisition International

Cachengo® has not only been featured on the cover of Issue 10 of Acquisition International, but it has also been given the title of Best High-Tech Computer Hardware Manufacturer 2023 – USA.

Cachengo®, a company that specializes in Edge AI systems, has developed two products that redefine data management processes. Bento™, a compact casing, can hold up to eight Symbiotes and is capable of acting as a standalone solution for small, form-factor deployments. Pizza™, on the other hand, can hold up to 32 Symbiotes and is capable of building a cloud system. Both products can be deployed anywhere and are designed to process data at the source, without having to concern themselves with limitations.

Cachengo’s products have had a major impact on a variety of sectors, including video intelligence and transportation. They have accomplished feats that no other computer companies have been able to achieve, from real-time weapon detection to camera control and safety monitoring. Cachengo’s products provide a means for clients to keep sensitive video data on the premises, all whilst enhancing streaming potential throughout its system’s solutions.

“As such, it demonstrates a huge improvement in response latency, granting customers access to immediate information, should the need arise.”

The article is currently published on Acquisition International and is titled Intelligent Storage at the Edge. You can read the full article here.