Wicked Smart ML Drives


Your storage IS your analytics engine

Sure, you can take advantage of the embedded processors, but you can also run your machine learning (ML) neural networks natively on the drives and take advantage of GPU acceleration. With conventional solutions, you would have to ingest your data on the fastest servers, with the most expensive technology, perform your processing functions, and then eventually migrate your processed data to its final resting place. While this approach is effective, it is hardly efficient. Moving large amounts of data around creates backhaul and other issues. And at scale, this can add up to hundreds of millions of dollars per year, just for the additional power consumption.

Our smart drives feature embedded GPUs, or optional FPGAs, and can perform sophisticated neural networking functions locally, right where the data is stored. What this means is you can ingest the data where it will permanently reside, at the lowest CAPEX and OPEX possible, perform your analytics, and then merely send the results to wherever your central indexing resides. This approach is not only cheaper, but is faster, less complex, but also simply smarter. As we continue to usher in 5G capabilities, we have a responsibility to be ecologically conscious.

Figure: Example diagram of a convulutional neural network

Not sure how to get started with Machine Learning or Deep Learning? Then you are definitely in the right place. You can look in our marketplace for an existing learning profile and then select the data store you want to deploy it upon, or you can contact our VirtualIT staff to create it for you. Once it's created, we will give you the ability to re-use it, modify it, and otherwise fully manage it across all of your Cachengo managed infrastructure.