Infinite Configurability


Freedom to do what you want

Configure drives to be object storage devices (OSDs), continuous integration (CI) pipelines, whatever. You can do this because each Smart Drive is an autonomous micro server, which simply means you can configure them to perform all the same functions, or you can mix things up, based on your needs. This is not the case with traditional network storage solutions, where all of the drives hang off of one, central processor, and therefore take on the dedicated function of the entire server.

Figure: Example architectural diagram of a Ceph deployment

For example, take the case of a Ceph deployment: this results in the entire box being utilized as a SINGLE object storage device (OSD). With Cachengo, you can create an entire Ceph deployment (three or more OSDs and a monitoring node) in just one box.

Not sure how to configure these different personalities? Well, then just choose which resource you want to configure, and what kind of personality you want to give it, and we'll do the rest. If you don't see something that fits your requirements, our VirtualIT staff will create a new personality for you. As new personalities are created in our ecosystem, they will become advertised in the marketplace. Or, if you'd like, you can always create new ones yourself.